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We’re always available for questions and comments both online and over the phone. To save you a bit of time, however, we’ve compiled this helpful list of common Q&As. Please take a few moments to review the list below to see if one of your questions has already been answered. If you need further guidance, of course, then you’ll find our contact information clearly listed in the last section of this page.

Common Questions About Us

Where Do I Sign Up?
New customers on our website can easily register onto our website by clicking the following link. You could also log in to our website using platforms like Facebook by clicking the corresponding tabs on this webpage.

How Fast Do You Ship Out Contacts?
Our team works hard to post every order we receive within a 24-hour workday window. If you place an order before 15:00 between Monday and Friday, your order will be sent from our warehouse on the same day with a 93% probability. If you place an order after 15:00 between Sunday and Thursday, your order will be dispatched the next day with a 93% probability. Orders normally take between 7 - 10 days to arrive in the Far East from our UK distribution center.

Can I Track Orders On Your Website?
After you’ve purchased an order, you can keep track of its whereabouts by logging into your account and clicking on the “My Orders” option. On this page, you should be able to see all of your current and previous purchases with detailed information on price and shipping. For more info on tracking items, feel free to read through the information compiled on this helpful webpage.

How To Check If My Contacts Are In Stock?
Generally, we have close to 3 million contact lenses in stock at any given moment. All you have to do is look through our portfolio, click on the contacts you’re interested in, and you clearly should see whether we have that particular brand in stock.
If we don’t have your contacts currently in stock, then we promise to let you know when they will return and suggest similar replacement lenses.
For more info on this issue, please read through this former post we wrote.

What’s Your Return Policy?
We have a generous return policy for customers who have received wrong items, damaged goods, or mistakenly ordered the wrong item. Each return case, however, is handled on an individual basis by our customer service team.

If you want to return an item to us, please get in touch with Customer Support and ask for a Returns Merchandise Authority (RMA) number. Depending on your specific issue, we might issue a refund or replacement.

For more detailed info, you could read through this former post.

Have More Questions? Reach Out To Us
Still have questions about our products and services? The best way to get clear answers is to get in touch with our professional support staff either via phone or email.

Please use one of the methods below to contact customer support.

LiveSupport Email

Send an e-mail here.


Customer Care number for International customers: +44 3453 193000

Customer Care number in the UK: 0345 319 3000

Support Staff Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (UK Hours).

For Order Returns

To return goods, you will first need a Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

You can get this in the following ways:

Registered Office
(Do not Return Items to the following address, this is for Corporate Enquiries only):

Crystal Vision Ltd
PO Box 49290, Suite 1000 
595 Burrard Street
BC , 
V7X 1S8