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Vial lenses are the perfect choice for contacts wearers looking for long-lasting lenses. Typically, vial lenses can be safely worn (with proper care) for well over three months. Indeed, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, these lenses might even last you one whole year!   This type of contact lens was the only choice of lens before the introduction of Acuvue Monthly lenses back in the 80's and people still wear them today, although Vial contact lenses have been mostly superseded by more modern forms of contact lenses that are replaced more frequently like monthly, daily or two weekly lenses.

One overriding advantage of vial lenses is that they often come in a wider range of powers - sometimes as high as -30.00D (for comparison - the average short sighted person is only -2.00D!). They also remain popular with those long sighted people with very high prescriptions - the Z6 Vial lens that we sell is available up to +20.00D (the average long sighted person is +2.00D).

It is reasonable to state that the majority of Vial Lenses are now sold to customers that are not catered for by monthly or daily lenses because they have very high prescriptions. Typically monthly or daily lenses powers are capped at about -10.00D or +6.00D. 

In addition Vial lenses often come with different radius parameters ( monthly or daily radius parameters tend to only come in one radius for the 'average' eye). The availability of different lens radius enables the Optometrist to fir eyes that are 'steeper' or 'flatter' than average, giving a better fit and comfort.

As the name suggests, vial contact lenses are packaged in tiny glass vials. Once you open your product, you’ll find a contact lens submerged in disinfectant solution. Simply fish out your contact lens and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before placing it in your eye. 

Since you’ll be wearing these lenses for at least a few months, it’s very important to practice immaculate hygiene. A few rules you should always keep in mind include:

  • Washing and drying your hands before handling lenses.
  • Never exposing lenses to tap water.
  • Only washing lenses with doctor-approved solution.
  • Placing contacts in a dedicated case with solution before bedtime.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Always wear UV-blocking sunglasses when outside. 
  • Proteins from your tears can build up on these lenses over time - use a specific protein removing contact lens solution

Vial Contacts Versus Continuous Wear Lenses 

Although vial lenses may be intended for extended wear i.e up to 14 hours a day, please remember they are not continuous wear contact lenses i.e for overnight wear. Typically the material of Vial lenses are 1st generation and don't let as much Oxygen to your eyes as newer generation materials like silicone lenses. This enhanced breathability makes continuous contacts easier on the eyes even when they are closed during sleep.

To find out more about continuous lenses, don’t hesitate to visit our website. We currently have some of the highest quality continuous contacts brands for customers to choose from.

Unless stated otherwise by your optometrist, you cannot wear vial lenses while you sleep. Doing so will put you at a greater risk for eye infections and corneal injuries. 

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