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Daysoft Silk

32 Lenses per box

A great Daysoft Silk or Classic contact lenses alternative is our very own new Crystal Aqua Daily. Our in house Optometrist recommends Crystal Aqua as a suitable replacement
Daysoft Silk

Our Optician recommends Crystal Aqua Dailies as a direct replacement for Daysoft Silk or classic contact lenses.

Daysoft Trustpilot reviews : 1 and 2 star reviews have now reached 17% of total reviews. Customers are mainly unhappy with the quality of the Daysoft lens. Don't take our word for it - read about it here.

Customer Trustpilot Review that has Swapped from Daysoft Silk to Crystal Aqua

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Daysoft or Crystal Aqua?

I have ordered lenses from Daysoft for many years but as they are closed due to the corona virus I had to source lenses elsewhere. I was sceptical and also concerned about the quality of the lenses from - after all our eyes are precious and I was worried about using a new product. 

I checked all the information and details of their ownbrand Crystal Aqua lenses and decided to order. The lenses arived within 4 days. The lens diameter is slightly larger than my Daysoft lenses but this was not a problem. The lens cups are also slightly larger but i prefer the design to the Daysoft design. Daysoft introduced a new lens cup a few months ago which has a double rim and i often feel this rim is too harsh/sharp for the delicate lens to be scooped across. I sometimes struggle to scoop the Daysoft lens out (i`m not stupid or clumsy, I`m actually a nurse so i am used to dealing with anything clinical). 

The Crystal Aqua lenses also feel very moist and comfortable on the eye when worn. My eyes can sometimes feel "gritty" at the end of the day but i did not get this feeling after wearing the Crystal lenses. I will use up my Daysoft lenses but I think i will be sticking with the Crystal Aqua ones from then on. Excellent value for money too, very slightly more expensive than Daysoft but worth it.

Benefits of Daysoft Silk contact lenses

  • Convenient and hygienic daily lenses 
  • Affordable price 
  • Suits a busy and active lifestyle 
  • Silk solution made using Hyaluronan - the eye's natural lubricant

More information about daysoft Silk

daysoft Silk is an affordable and convenient daily contact lens. As an attractively-priced lens, daysoft Silk is a great option for a budget-conscious lens wearer.

daysoft Silk gets its name from the unique solution the lenses are immersed in. The innovative Silk solution is saline enriched, boosting comfort and moisture during wear. Effective against dry eyes,  these are beneficial for any lens wearer that finds their eyes get irritated, uncomfortable or dry by the end of the day.

As a daily lens, daysoft Silk suits active lifestyles. There's no fuss, simply put in your lenses in the morning and dispose of them before bedtime. There's no need to store your lenses in cleaner or solution overnight. So, whether you have a busy working life, you exercise regularly or play sports, daysoft Silk will suit you.

Manufacturers information:

When ordering we do not require the input of BC (Base Curve) or DIA/OD (lens diameter) because daysoft is made from an advanced soft lens polymer utilising a unique Uni-FitTMdesign.

The Uni-FitTM design of daysoft means that you can upgrade from disposable soft lens brands having a BC between 8.3 and 9.2 mm and Diameter between 13.8 and 14.5mm.

Daysoft Silk Contact Lens Technical Specifications 
Crystal Aqua Contact Lens Technical Specifications 
Manufacturer Daysoft (Provis)
Brand Daysoft Crystal Aqua
Type of Lens Daily Disposable Daily Disposable
Material Methafilcon A Etafilcon A with Hialuronic Acid Moitusrising Agent
Water Content 58% 58%
Oxygen Permeability 26 Dk/t 30 Dk/t
Lens Diameter 14.2 14.2
Base Curve 8.6 8.7
Available Powers -0.25 to -12.00D, +0.25 to +8.00D -0.50 to -12.00D, +0.50 to +6.00D
Handling Tint Yes Yes
UVA/UVB Protection Yes Yes

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