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1 Day Acuvue Moist

30 Lenses per box

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1 Day Acuvue Moist
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Product Info

1-Day Acuvue Moist is a soft daily disposable contact lens by Johnson and Johnson that uses new technology, uniquely combining the proven 1 Day Acuvue material of Etafilcon A and adds the moisture-rich ingredient Lacreon. Via a proprietary process, Johnson and Johnson embed this water retaining ingredient, very similar to your own tears it into the lens. This creates a long-lasting smooth cushion throughout the contacts, which keeps moisture in and dryness at bay, making 1 Day Acuvue Moist a great choice for dry eyes. they help the eyes feel fresh and comfortable all day long. 

Each contact lens comes in buffered saline with povidone.

1 Day Acuvue Moist is loved by Eye Doctors and contact lens wearers, it is often the first lens of choice due to is capability of being accepted by a wide range of eyes, it comes in 2 fittings, 8.5 and 9.0 and has a large prescription range +6.00 to -12.00, with the Lacreon technology it's also idea for dry eye sufferers, but it doesn't end there, 1 Day Acuvue Moist also contains UVA and UVB blockers and with the addition of a 123 inside our indicator making it a great choice for first time wearers.

"Helps keep eyes feeling moist and fresh even at the end of the day"

Why Choose 1 Day Acuvue Moist

1 Day Acuvue Moist is a great choice if you have any eye issue, whether you suffer dry eyes syndrome or just get the occasional dry eyes after long screen time sessions or late night partying, the addition of Lacreon really helps your eyes stay moist all day.

  • Daily Disposable contacts, so a fresh lens every time
  • High levels of comfort with Lacreon
  • 1-2-3 inside our indicator for correct insertion first time, every time
  • High levels of UVA and UVB protection
  • Great for dry or sensitive eyes
  • Johnson and Johnson premium contact lens


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Rated 4.6/5 based on 91 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Reliable & high quality contact lenses

I’ve tried a few different brands of contact lenses as I struggle with dry eyes & my job involves looking at screens all day.
These are by far the best and most comfortable

By from London on 01.03.2020 13:46

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Comfortable and easy to use

These contact lenses are very comfortable. I wear them for long periods of time and find them excellent. They are really easy to put in and you wouldn't know they are there

By from London, UK on 04.03.2020 14:15

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Great lenses

I am very short sighted. I wear my lenses for the vast majority of the day, as wearing glasses isn't really feasible. These lenses are excellent, and comfortable from 7am to 11pm. My optician recommends them also. I have been wearing them for a few years now and would say they are the upper end of the contact lens market. I'd recommend them.

By from Bournemouth, UK on 28.02.2020 20:38

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Really Comfortable

I changed to these as my usual contacts (Crystal Aqua Daily) were out of stock. The Crystal lenses are much more affordable, but these are so much more pleasant to wear. I don't feel like I'm wearing contacts even when I've worn them for 10-11 hours. I didn't find them flimsy or difficult to put in and I like that they have UV protection. Really happy with these lenses, just wish they cost a bit less...

By from UK on 31.03.2024 18:35

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Can't believe how bad these are

Been using different other daily contact lenses and these ones are the worst of them all so far. Too bad I bought 2 boxes. Will probably throw them out and buy different ones. They're hard to put in your eyes, thin like film and wrinkle easily. The vision is a bit blurred, especially when looking on a computer screen and eyes get tired after half a day.

By from UK on 19.03.2024 16:24

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Dreadful - Very hard to get into your eye. 50% tear whilst trying. once in... extremely difficult to remove!

I am amazed by all the positive reviews. I hate, hate, hate these!!!
No kidding, 50% of the time they go in and I have to remove them because they are torn and are painful
One positive = When I do manage to get them in my eye, yes they are fine all day, I can barely feel them at all
when trying to remove them they slide to the back of my eyeball, fold under my eyelid and are so hard to remove
The worst... and this says a lot. Since Acuvue True Eye discontinued I am going through a lot of lenses!

By from Nottingham on 05.12.2022 17:28

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Difficult to use

I've tried a handful of different lenses now and these are the most difficult to handle. By that I mean they are difficult to put in due to being so soft, they simply stick to your finger or fall out. They would benefit from being more rigid. By the time I've faffed about drying my finger so that they don't stick there's barely any moisture left on the lense. Pretty useless considering the price, I won't be buying again.

By from Gloucestershire, UK on 05.04.2022 18:53

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Great quality and at a great price

I've used these lenses for 15years BUT now saving myself £10 a month!!!

By from London on 23.03.2020 11:13

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Acuvue Daily Moist

I have been using these lenses for over 5yrs. Never had a problem, excellent clear vision and extremely comfortable.

By from Essex, UK on 23.03.2020 00:38

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Very comfortable

This is a very good product. My son has dry eyes and they are suitable for him to wear. He can use them all day without redness. We have tried other contact lenses with no success. Overall would recommend especially if you get dry eyes with contacts.

By from Kent UK on 22.03.2020 12:12

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Good contact lenses

They fit well in my eyes don’t dry out and let me see clearly. Don’t really notice having them, which I guess is the hallmark of good contact lens fit.

By from London, UK on 21.03.2020 14:12

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Hassle free lenses

Trouble free daily lenses. So thin that I don't even notice they are in!

By from Leeds, UK on 21.03.2020 10:37

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Supreme Comfort

I've tried various different types of contact lenses, such as the Oasys variants and Optix, but each of those lenses always felt sightly uncomfortable, especially when playing sport. Although the Moist has been around for a while, they are by far the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn.

By from Dorset on 21.03.2020 10:10

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Comfortable contact lenses

I've been wearing these contact lenses for years now. They're very comfortable and stay moist for most of the day. Highly recommended.

By from London, UK on 21.03.2020 09:49

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Just works

Been using for years, everything else feels wrong. Opticians very happy with my eye health.

By from London, UK on 19.03.2020 21:31

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Wonderful contact lenses

These are very good, they don't dry my eyes and are nice and moist and I can keep them in longer than any other brand of contact lenses

By from Malta on 19.03.2020 16:10

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Overall a comfortable lens

99% of the times these are perfect, however there is the odd occasion where the lens is unwearable. either misshapen or dried out. That obviously isn't what you'd want but overall these are good lenses.

By from Reading UK on 19.03.2020 16:03

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Comfortable soft contact lenses

Very large contact lenses which are useful if you have big eyes. Optician recommended them as smaller lenses were causing my eyes to dry out. These are very comfortable and fit perfectly. However due to their size they are more difficult to put in, so it takes a bit of practice to get used to them. A bit on the expensive side but never had any problems with tearing etc.

By from Brighton, UK on 19.03.2020 12:46

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Excellent straightforward service

Nothing to dislike

By from Unknown location on 19.03.2020 08:39

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This is the way to go

I have been using 1 day Acuvue moist contacts for many years now. They are extremely comfortable, reliable and very affordable. I highly recommend them

By from Nashville, TN on 19.03.2020 01:59

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Acuvue Moist Contact lenses

I wear my lenses all day from the minute I wake up and my eyes never dry out! I love that I don’t have to clean the daily disposable lenses and the price I get from contact is great too!

By from London on 18.03.2020 23:57

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Superb product vert comfortabl

I find the service from to be both comprehensive and quick. I would highly recommend them.

By from Abedeen, UK on 18.03.2020 13:27

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Have been using them for years. No fuss. Clean on every day 👍🏻

By from Newcastle, UK on 18.03.2020 13:02

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